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I'm always looking for new opportunities to capture the various moments that life has to offer. This can be photographing your favorite places, your hobbies, or the life-changing events. Just contact me using the "Contact" button to the left or email me.

It can difficult finding quality photographs to display which exemplifies your life, whether that be your family, hobbies, or places that mean something to you. I can help you capture those special moments and places for you. 

I also full-service photography meaning I will help you create something you want to decorate your house or business, from ideation to delivery. More information here.

I am currently based in Cranston, RI but am willing to travel.

An album of my portrait shoots is available upon request.


You can buy smaller prints (up to 8x12) directly from this site. These photos will be printed and delivered by WHCC, who I have used in the past.

If you would like to purchase anything larger than that, bulk items, or something that is not listed (e.g. size/medium), please let me know and we can work something out.

Limited Prints

There will be a limit of 50 prints made for anything larger than 8x12 for each photo. For these prints, I will handle the prints directly and deliver them myself as well. These prints will have the # of the print (e.g. 11/50) and my signature.

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